[Wallpaper] Banadeek Ta'ala - The Remixes

Hey everyone
I worked for 2 days on this wallpaper then I left it for a week, then I back to work on it for 2 days too.. So I think it's the longest period for me to make a wallpaper which I hope you like it :D

The wallpaper based on the back cover poster of Amr Diab's new album "Banadeek Ta'ala" which has been released on September 27th 2011.. And my additions are:

1. Removing watermark of the official Amr Diab website.
2. Creating 2 arms (the original picture of Diab was without arms).
3. Rewriting the title with light effects and other text styles.
4. Replacing poster background.
5. Tagging like the official pictures of Diab's official website.

[ W I D E ]

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Here's the original picture for comparison ;)

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• Credit:
 - AmrDiab.net - The Official Website of Amr Diab [Original picture, other Diab's related pictures]
 - AbduZeedo.com - [Text style tutorial]
 - Google Images - [Background image]

See you next post ;)

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