Ramadan 2017, Wallpaper #1: Chinarabic

Peace be upon you everyone,
Here we meet again in a new year and a new holy month of Ramadan. As usual, here I will upload 3 brand new wallpapers, each one for a 10 days of the holy month.

The theme of this year is popular cultures! We decided to make the 3 wallpapers with the Arabic phrase "رمضان کریم" (Ramadan Kareem, which means 'Ramadan is generous'), but it will be written in one of three unique writing style inspired by 3 of the world most populous cultures.

The first one will be Chinarab, in which my boy, the one and only Hussien Ali made a gorgeous calligraphy of the phrase رمضان كريم in the style of Chinese scripts.

As always, it is available to download in all different sizes of screens hoping you like it and honor us by using it as your wallpapers, and of course it is 100% free.

Thank you for stopping by! If you like it, please leave us a word and share it with you best friends on your favorite social media platform.

See ya next time :)


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