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[Album] Moon Over The Castle (Collector's Edition)

Hi everyone,
Since the first time I watched the intro video of Gran Turismo 2 (JPN), back in 1999, I fell in love with that precious piece of music, to discover later that it is called "Moon Over The Castle" and it is actually the main theme music of the entire Gran Turismo series.

To show my appreciation to this amazing track and its brilliant composer, Mr. Masahiro Ando, and to fulfill my passion and desire to collect all the editions of Moon Over The Castle, I decided to make this album, and I dedicate it to all the fans of Gran Turismo franchise, and especially the fans of the Moon Over The Castle.

No. of Tracks: 27
Duration: 1:54:59 File Type: MP3 Encoded at: CBR 128 kbit/s 44100 Hz Stereo
Total file size: 114.12 MB

Also, you can download the album separated to be recorded as 2 CDs, Disc #1 contains the original versions of Moon Over The Castle from the different installments of the franchise, and Disc #2 contains the remixes and covers of the track.
Disc #1, Originals …

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