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[Album] Moon Over The Castle (Collector's Edition)

Hi everyone, Since the first time I watched the intro video of Gran Turismo 2 (JPN), back in 1999, I fell in love with that precious piece of music, to discover later that it is called " Moon Over The Castle " and it is actually the main theme music of the entire Gran Turismo series. To show my appreciation to this amazing track and its brilliant composer, Mr. Masahiro Ando , and to fulfill my passion and desire to collect all the editions of Moon Over The Castle , I decided to make this album, and I dedicate it to all the fans of Gran Turismo franchise, and especially the fans of the  Moon Over The Castle . Cover Artwork (1200x1200px) featuring Mr. Masahiro Ando No. of Tracks: 27 Duration: 1:54:59 File Type: MP3 Encoded at: CBR 128 kbit/s 44100 Hz Stereo Total file size: 114.12 MB                   Also, you can download the album separated to be recorded as 2 CDs, Disc #1 contains the original versions of Moon Over The Castle from the dif

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