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PEPSI® Fever is continuing, but this time with 6 awesome screensavers are collected from all the official global PEPSI sites.
Those are:

• PEPSI Arabia
- Bubbles Screensaver + 3 Backgrounds

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nmghu1yr3jc

- Chat & Dance Screensaver

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- Diet PEPSI with Brigette Yaghi

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• PEPSI Mondo (Latin America)
- Deportes Screensaver (Sports)

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- Marca Screensaver (PEPSI Mark)

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- Musica Screensaver (Music)

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[Reportage] Iraqi Classic Songs Archive - Leche Leche Ya Jara (Why why neighbor girl?)

Hey everybody
By accident, today I discovered that the song Leche Leche (Anna Anna) by Manel Filali ft. Don Cali & Lafrotino was inspired by the original Iraqi version of Mai Akram & Sabah Al-Lamy which called "Leish ya jara" (Why neighbor girl) (1980).
This 80's hit also sung by a number of other Iraqi and Arabic singers since it got a huge success among Arab countries till today.
It also re-sung by one of the most Arabic unique duets Mai Akram ft. Waheed Sa'ad ,who's Mai's husband, (aka Mai & Waheed).

Sadly this song is very rare, and all I have at the mean time is:
• Leish Ya Jara (Why why neighbor girl?) - (The original version) Mai Akram ft. Sabah (1979)

• Leish Ya Jara (Why why neighbor girl?) - (The original music video) Mai Akram ft. Sabah (1979)

• Leche Leche (Anna Anna) - Manel Feat. Don Cali & L'afrotino (Teddy-O Remix) (2009)

• Leche Leche (Anna Anna) - Manel Feat. Don Cali & L'afrotino (Official music video) (2009)

Other singers:
• Abd El-Nassir Darweesh (عبد الناصر درويش)
• Alaa' Zalzali (علاء زلزلي)
• Ali Shalhob (علي شلهوب)
• Jasim Band (فرقة جاسم)
• Matti Toza (متّي توزة)
• Shatha Hassoun (شذى حسّون)
• Sulaiman El-Shallal (سليمان الشلال)
• Zain EL-Ali (زين العلي)
+ Others
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