[Ramadan 2013] Month Of Fasting - 2nd Wallpaper

Hello guys,
Sorry, I know this wallpaper is coming late, I should submit it 5~10 days ago but I was kinda busy so it was late.

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I hope you like it guys..
Wait for the third one insha'allah :)
A little comment won't hurt :p


Ramadan Playlist

Happy Ramadan everyone, I wish you all the best.
This is a selected collection of Ramadan tracks for all of you.

• Tracklist:
01 ماهر زين - رمضان (النسخة العربية)
02 مشاري العفاسي - زين الشهور
03 محمد منير - رمضان جنّة
04 عمرو دياب - الرحمّن
05 عمرو دياب - السلام
06 عمرو دياب - الخالق
07 عمرو دياب - المصوّر
08 عمرو دياب - الغفّار
09 عمرو دياب - القوي
10 عمرو دياب - العفو
11 عمرو دياب - الغني
12 عمرو دياب - النور
13 عمرو دياب - الباقي
14 عمرو دياب - الصبور
15 Maher Zain - Ramadan (English Version)

• Total Duration: 25:29
• Bit Rate: 128kbps
• Total Size: 25.41 MB
• No. of Tracks: 15
• File Type: Zipped (Compressed) Folder

• Download:
   - http://www.mediafire.com/?30nm38gecciubxs
   - https://mega.co.nz/#!UAUUiZCC

• YouTube:
Also you can watch the music videos on the following link

I hope you like it ..
Feel free to leave a comment ..

See you next time :)

DuckTales vs. Google Image Search

Years before Google's current image search, I watched this episode of Disney's DuckTales (Season 2 Episode 5), and this clip has been embedded in my mind .. I dreamed about that day when I can give a certain image to computer and it finds similar pictures for me...

And when I used Google for the first time I dreamed about seeing this particular feature in this awesome search engine, and guess what? In June 2011, Google implemented this feature in the most famous search engine on the planet .. and today I just wanted to show you that clip I mentioned above :)

Credits to Disney Television Animation © 1987 - 1990


[Ramadan 2013] Flat Colors - 1st Wallpaper

Hello guys,
Happy Ramadan for Muslims all around the world, I wish you guys all the best :)

Just like the past 3 years, here's the first wallpaper (actually wallpapers) for Ramadan this season..

• Notes:
 - This year all wallpapers will be WIDE, which means 1366x768 pixels (no more 1024x768).
 - The 1st wallpaper comes to you in 12 different colors.

• Download:
   Mediafire - http://goo.gl/KVLE3
   Mega - http://goo.gl/MT8aF

I hope you like it, and if you do please fell free to leave a comment telling me your opinion :)

Also you can contact me on Twitter to ask for anything regarding the wallpaper :)
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