[Rainmeter] Ubuntu Phone Inspiration


Hey guys,
It's almost a year since my last post here in my blog .. Today, I brought to you a simple thing which is a Rainmeter skin inspired by Ubuntu Phone...

• [Preview]

• [Features]
 - Digital clock (24 format)
 - Circles as analog clock
 - Date in (dd.mm.yy) format
 - Wallpaper (1366*768 Pixels)

• [Download]
 - Rainmeter, desktop customization tool - http://rainmeter.net

 - Ubuntu Phone skin (.rmskin) - http://www.mediafire.com/?x3i6mq7696qcn01

 - Full pack [Rainmeter 3.0 Beta (r1930) + Ubuntu Phone skin + Wallpaper file + Installation guide]

 - Wallpaper (1366x768 Pixels)
(Click the thumbnail for full size)

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See you soon

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