PEPSI® Fever 4, Final Ver.

Hello.. This is M!Do Space, and welcome to PEPSI® Fever, 4 Final Ver.

Today I bring to you the final version of PEPSI® Fever with the most awesome symbol pf PEPSI® which is the iconic PEPSI-MAN!

PEPSI-MAN is a fictional Japanese character which has been created to promote PEPSI® in Japan, so there were some cool commercials starring PEPSI-MAN, even a SONY® Playstation® game was released for this character and it gained such a huge success.

So let's begin with our items for today!

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01 Pepsiman Original Theme
02 Stage 1
03 Stage 2
04 Stage 3
05 Stage 4
06 Pepsiman Remixed Theme

This quiz will shows if you're a PEPSI® addict.
Link: www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=130291886982403

That's all we have concerning PEPSI®, and I hope you like'em in all 4 volumes.

I've really got tired after making those 4 volumes of PEPSI® Fever, so if you appreciate my hard work please, leave a comment!

Happy Khum Rill Bairam - عيد الغدير الأغر

Peace Be Upon You

By the occasion of Allah's (God) greatest bairam "The Rill Bairam" I'd like to present this wallpaper to be the third in the same styla (M!Do's Bairam Style) xD and I hope so that you like it ;)

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• Info about "The Rill Bairam"

It's the anniversary of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) pledging of allegiance to imam Ali (PBUH) to be the caliph after the prophet's death. This even has been occurred at the region of a rill called (Khum Rill) and this bairam took its name from that place.
The narrations told us that this exact day was the day when all prophets and messengers of Allah have nominated their caliphs, and every prophet and messenger of Allah ordered his nation to celebrate in this day so it's Allah's greatest bairam.

Starshot: Space Circus Fever

Hello everybody
STARSHOT: Space Circus Fever is one of the PC games that I've played when I was younger. Actually it was all by mere incident because it was on my first PC (Laptop actually) ever which was Compaq Armada 1120 with Windows 95 xD and someday I've messed up with it so I was have to take it to be fixed, and after that and taking it back home I've been surprised by finding a new thing wasn't installed before and it was "STARSHOT". I played it a little, you know with such an old computer with 16MB for RAM, 702MB for H.D, Intel® Pentium® 100MHz for Processor and 16-Bit color display it was boring and annoying and tooooo slow.

Anyway when I remember those days I feel something Xp, so I just want to share it with you ;)

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Game Name: Starshot: Space Circus Fever
Version: 1.0 (1999-1998)
Developer & Publisher: Infogrames
Platforms: Nintendo 64, PC
Genre: Platformer
Mode: Single Player
Rating: ESRB: Everyone (E)
More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starshot:_Space_Circus_Fever
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