[Developed Version] iPSP - iPhone Theme

Hey everybody
2 weeks ago, I bought a brand new iPhone 4 so I'm so excited about it. I jailbreaked it after 2 days and installed a bunch of applications and games :D
And I found a PSP-look theme which I liked a lot, but unfortunately it was missing some icons, so I put my hand in it to complete those missing icons and made up this new version developed by me.

• Preview

• Installation
- Download the package from the link below.
- Unzip it.
- Copy the whole (iPSP) folder to theme folder using an iPhone file browser
(recommended: "iPhone Browser" or "PC Suite for iPhone")
Target theme folder is: /var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx (xxxxxx varify from device to other)
- Using WinterBoard application (from Cydia) to apply the theme, then Respring your iPhone.

• Information
File Size: 269 KB
File Format: Zipped (Compressed) Folder
Direct Link: http://min.us/inqTb0.zip

For any info about it, I'm here for you ;)
If you like it, please leave a comment.. It's easy!
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