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Hello people

In the last two weeks I've made some videos to show you some similarities in music & melodies for a number of artists with release date of each song..

The first one for "Redit Ansak (I wanted to forget you)" of a newcomer Iraqi artist Ivan Naji versus "Bissatt El Reeh (Flying Carpet)" of LBC's Star Academy 1 graduated the Kuwaiti singer Bashar Al Shatti..

The similarity is in the melody of the two songs in some parts, and Bashar's song is the original according to release date.

The second one for "Hob G'nan (Crazy Love)" of LBC's Star Acdemy graduated the Kuwaiti singer Mohammed Dawood versus "Khadteni Min El Nas (You Took Me From The People)" for the Syrian pop star Samo Zaen..

The similarity is in the guitar sentence which is the same in both songs and Samo's Khadtini Min El Nas is the original due to releasing date.

The third one for "M-athar Fiyee (Affected Me)" of the Lebanese romance sensation Fadl Shaker versus "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" the 2002 version of Blue featuring Elton John..

The similarity is in the piano sentence in Fadl Shaker against the Harmonica sentence in Blue's song.

That's what I have for this time .. If you liked this post please leave a comment, it's too easy!

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