[Ramadan 2013] Flat Colors - 1st Wallpaper

Hello guys,
Happy Ramadan for Muslims all around the world, I wish you guys all the best :)

Just like the past 3 years, here's the first wallpaper (actually wallpapers) for Ramadan this season..

• Notes:
 - This year all wallpapers will be WIDE, which means 1366x768 pixels (no more 1024x768).
 - The 1st wallpaper comes to you in 12 different colors.

• Download:
   Mediafire - http://goo.gl/KVLE3
   Mega - http://goo.gl/MT8aF

I hope you like it, and if you do please fell free to leave a comment telling me your opinion :)

Also you can contact me on Twitter to ask for anything regarding the wallpaper :)


Abdulla said...

They are awesome..Keep up the good work ;)

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