Google Chrome - Bye Bye CRASHES!

Hello again

I used Google Chrome since its beginning and I really noticed a big difference from other browsers, and here I'm talking about ease of use, fair clean look, awesome themes and extensions, and best of all the high speed of browsing..

Some users suffer from the huge number of crashes those happen in Google Chrome and other issues like rubbish text page (occurs in a lot of pages including Yahoo! Answers) and save page as instead of open a link (occurs in a lot of pages including YouTube)..

And after a little search in the internet, I gladly found the solution for this annoying issue which is mostly happens because of Internet Download Manager 5.

So if you have faced one or more of the symptoms above please do either of the below 2 ways:

1. Run Internet Download Manager 5 then Downloads > Options

Then on General tab uncheck Google Chrome from "Capture downloads from the following browsers:" box
Then hit OK and run Google Chrome.

2. Upgrade IDM to version 6 in which this issue has been fixed ;)

See? It works like a charm :p

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Anonymous said...

it help me alot thanx dude

Ahmed Sprouse said...

@Anonymous you're welcome dude ;)

Best Regards,

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