Lute in Justin Bieber's U Smile (My Worlds Acoustic version)

Hey buddies

By mere accident I listened carefully to the very beginning of Justin Bieber's U Smile acoustic version (from My Worlds Acoustic album) and I found that there's a lute (Oud) sound in it, so I replay it and I was right!

So I felt happy for two reasons, the first one because I play lute, and the second because lute is an Iraqi origin musical instrument invented by Lamech the 6Th grandson of Adam (as been told by Al Farabi)*.

When I was about to write this article, I found a lot of interesting information about lute or oud, then I so recommend reviewing the oud wiki in wikipedia on the following link:

Also there's another one under the name Lute

And here you can listen to the first 5 seconds of the song and know what I mean ;)

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